Strawberries for Valentine's Day

 Milk Chocolate Strawberries & Strawberries In The Snow
Knoxville's Valentines Day Tradition are Back.
Frequently asked questions:
What do the Chocolate dipped Strawberries Cost?
1 lb Boxes are $29.95 (Approximately 12 in a box)
1/2  Boxes are 14.95 (Approximately 6 in a box)
Strawberries come in our red gift box with a window to see the strawberries which are individually cupped. A beautiful Presentation!
Do I need to order in advanced?
Strawberries are sold first come first served. We have found that this ensures everyone receives the freshest possible strawberries with a minimal amount of wait. We don't accept orders but guarantee we will not run out.
When will you have them?
Strawberries will be available on Tuesday February 13th and Wednesday February 14th 10:00 am to 6:00pm
No Dark Chocolate Strawberries?
Unfortunately, due to lack of demand we do not dip strawberries in dark chocolate.
You can purchase all milk, all white, or half and half boxes
Where do I go?
West Location
141 N. Peters Rd
Knoxville, TN 3723
Next to Jason's Deli
Our downtown address is 
Knoxville Chocolate Company
                                                  29 Market Square